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Yoho Pirates ! Here are some anouncements gathered by the Gang in Paris that could #boost your projects. The competition in french have a description in French.

Salut les pirates ! ( ça sonne moins bien hein ? ;) ). Le Gangsta Blabla : Quelques news, concours, annonces qui pourraient vous intéresser pour vos projets et idées ;)

Concours / Contests :
Concours SFR Jeunes Talents Entrepreneurs Sociaux – Deadline le 18 Janvier ! Un An d’accompagnement pour 8 lauréats – C’est par ici !
Dream It, Do it par Ashoka – Deadline Février ! 3000 euros à la clé pour les 14 – 22 ans qui ont de l’impact sous le capot!
Social Business Youngsters by Danone Communities. Submit your Social Business project to have full support from the D.C crew and Doc Yunus ;) #bimboom

Stages / Chic Interships
Also on the Gangsta Blabla Paris HotSpot : Stage/ Intership @ la croix rouge in Paris in the innovation department with the fabulous clem di cioccio here’s the description.

Coming up events the hotspot in Paris heard about :
- Paris Jan 17 : Leila from the Gang represents with a pechakucha during the Alters-Mardis entrepreneuriat Social
- Paris : Jan 21 3DS : create a collaborative consumption start-up in a week end
- Paris : Jan 24 : Soirée Sparknews avec le fondateur de BetterWorldBooks inscriptions ici
- Berlin : Jan 21 SenseCamp by the berlin MakeSense Gang
- Paris : Jan 31 – 9 MakeSense hold-ups with the Mouves mixing #socent and city officials to solve city challenges
- Paris : 1 feb – Entrepreneur Social de l’année par BCG
- Marseille : Feb 2 – 6 MakeSense Hold-Ups @ Euromed Management to solve the challenges of Social Tourism entrepreneurs with GK.
- Nice : Feb 3 – 4 Hold-Ups @ Skema Nice

Let’s finish the Gangsta blabla with some good grooves.

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Christian live the Hotspot in Paris


That was MAAAAAAD! – MaD Forum 2012, HK

Click here to watch the video


The Museum School-Breaking the walls of regular schools

Sometimes I’m dreaming of a world where the knowledge flies into the sky. You just have to raise your hands to grab it and to learn what you’d like. Don’t you think you’ll be much more enthusiastic to learn & that you’ll learn much more?

Grabbing the knowledge of the world from where it’s been and sharing it with the kids of world is what Pradeep Ghosh is intending. With Shibani, his wife, he has created an innovative model of schools. Breaking the walls of the regular school, it allows underprivileged children to access a high quality education.


The Assembly at the Museum School Read more…


Naandi Safe Drinking Water Program – Diving into the beauty of rural areas

Those who have already traveled to India may have suffer from the safe drinking water issues.
Watching each time out where does the water come from and being afraid of any sickness. This is the daily issue of millions of indian people. Every year, about 750 000 people die from the most important sickness due to unsafe water, the diarrhea. 500 000 of them are children under 5 years old.

Naandi Community Water Services was created in response to this constant threat.
Naandi builds water plants in villages, where safe water is not available. They are able to provide people with safe drinking water for only 0.15 rupees per liter (about 3 US cents). These huge project alreadys eems great on paper; but in the village it seems even more!

Welcome to Punjab! Read more…


Nanhi Kali : educating girl child for the welfare of the nation

Standing alone in front of this class crowded with bright and open eyes looking at us, we had no ideas what would be next. We could have tried to speak with them in english, they wouldn’t have understood us. They could have tried to ask us question in hindi, we wouldn’t  have get it.

Anyway a nice atmosphere was being created! With the help of our hands as language we have created the connexion. Some minutes later they were all smiling and focused on their drawing. Hopefully Rathi from the Naandi Team has helped us and now they were drawing what they would like to do when they grow up. Houses, doctors, policeman, families were appearing on their paper. I then became “Didi” -their elder sister-   and Luc was going from table to table to understand what they’ve drawing and learning at the same time how to say it in hindi.

At the same time, outside with the other class, Maelle, Remi and Guilhem were learning dances and games from these  little girls.  Then it was their turn to teach them back how to play to “1,2,3, soleil”.

Every afternoon instead of hanging around in Delhi’s street, hundreds underprivileged girls are invited to stay a bit longer in school learning, playing and sharing more time together. In many part of India, the arrival of a baby girl calls for mourning rather than celebration. Many Indian families don’t even see the point in investing in their education. Believing that educated women form the foundation of a modern secular society Anand Mahindra has created in 1996 the Nanhi Kali project. He strongly believed that empowering the girl child education would result in huge benefits for the nation in the long term. In 2005, the Naandi foundation with the objective of providing 10 years of quality education to girls from economically disadvantaged families.


Nowaday the project currently supports the education of over 70,000 underprivileged girl children from poor urban, remote rural, tribal and conflict afflicted communities across 9 states of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and New Delhi and Haryana.  Experimenting with these little girl some new ways of learning through an after schooling system, they are offering these children a quality education.

The impact no surprise is already noticed. The drop out rates of girls have been curtailed to less than 10% within the programme compared to national level figures of 30% at Primary level and 70% at the Secondary School level.


Indian Tour : Naandi Midday Meal – Banishing hunger

About the author :

Hi there,

I’m Marie. I’m deeply interested by social innovation & education. I’ve been travelling with my cousins in North India where I’ve met inspiring social entrepreneurs changing the indian kids world : )


If you’d like to hack education, I’d be glad to get in touch with you! ;) You can follow me on twitter @MarieLbrgne & share with me your wicked idea to change the kids world on facebook

Crowded rooms with empty bellies is what you will usally find in India government schools. Welcoming the kids from underpriviledged areas and lacking of budget, the education system doesn’t seemed to be very efficient concerning malnutrition issues.

Could you imagine attending one day at school without eating at all, neither before or even at school?

Obviously Leena from the Naandi team can’t and is willing to fight against this malnutrition issue. Within the Naandi Foundation, she has kickstarted a program called the Midday Meal. Its aim is to provide everyday a meal to the kids from underpriviledged areas during their school time.

A huge program spreading all around India and feeding millions of child. Very interested to discover more about it, Clémentine, Maelle and I went on the field. Read more…


Meeting social entrepreneurs from China

The past months, we’ve been very busy launching the movement in China, focusing on Beijing and Shanghai. That meant spending a lot of time meeting people, building partnerships (special thanks to the Social Resources Institute, the Peking University branch of ShARE and Xindanwei), meeting more people, and organize events.

In Beijing, the first Hold-ups have been organized for 2 local social entreprises: Healthy Baby SMS and 1KG More. It is now time to meet them!

  • Healthy Baby SMS is a social enterprise working towards a safe and healthy motherhood for new and expectant mothers in China’s migrant communities, by providing free health guidance through weekly text-messages and a SMS hotline. Currently in prototyping phase, HealthyBabySMS is run by medical students at Peking University and Harvard Medical School with a core passion for improving the health and lives of the most vulnerable migrant women and children in China. For more information, check out the website at:

If this video doesn’t work, click here.

  • 1KG More is a crowdsourcing platform which encourages people to participate in service projects in creative ways, with the goal of bringing sustainable improvements to education in China’s less-developed areas. It is a online community focusing on back-packers, and founded in 2004, when Andrew was 31 and an ordinary staff of an IT company in Beijing. The idea was widely acknowledged in very short time, and 1KG consequently became one of the fastest growing social entreprise in China. Make sure to check out the website at:

If this video doesn’t work, click here.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned, because there’s much more coming from Asia…


Asia Tour- China – Xin Dan Wei – a cowo for innovation & change in Shanghai

First visit? click here to understand the MakeSense story.
Second visit? Well, welcome back :) Third visit? You should follow MakeSense live on facebook :)

Thanks to Habib bellaribi, member of the Gang kickstarting MakeSense in Shanghai, the first ever Hold-up in China took place @ Xin Dan Wei a supercool cowo for innovation & change. Xin Dan Wei was created by @theliuyuan and if you look at the video below you’ll see that it’s much more than a coworking space :) #creativecommons #open

This video interview have been realized a year ago in Shanghai during the Asia Tour.