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A hold-up is a creativity workshop where the attendees try to create ideas to solve the challenge of a Social Entrepreneur.

François Taddei is a French Social Entrepreneur hacking education. He just finished a report on how to improve education for the OECD. You can discover more about his background and his supercool work on this article ( french).

The challenge of the Hold-Up was the following one : Invent online & offline Game for people to learn how to collaborate & innovate.

The objectives of the workshop, beside involving the participants with François, was to find game concepts which are : online and offline, collaborative, evolutive & open.
These game concepts should help the new generation to learn to learn, to innovate and to collaborate to tackle the world’s challenges.

The Constraints we had to take into account to solve that challenge were the following ones :
- budget , organizational, technical constraints
- Get inspired by Open source models and crowdsourcing
- connect with innovative actors in the educationnal universe
- the games should be accessible to anyone at no cost.

In the video and slides below you’ll be able to discover the supercool participants and the ideas developed. Thanks for participating and if you have more ideas don’t hesitate to put them on the comments ;)

( to discover the participants check the pics on facebook ! :-) )

Video 1 : Challenge , Participants & Ideas.

Video 2 : Concept game Idea 1 – Make It Grow

Video 3 : Concept game idea 2 – Aquarium Evolution

Video 4 : Concept Game idea 3 – Caroto

Video 5 : Concept Game idea 4 – GeoSense

MinMap of the ideas :
MakeSense Taddei Hold-up Mindmap

The Hold-Up was brillantely animated by Ségolène from the MakeSense Gang :)

Special thanks to the supercool Brice Challamel from the Fantastic Act One Innovation consultancy firm who is behind some of the methods used during the workshop. ( check his blog :) )

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