Berliners held up for Women’s Health social enterprise:

On a mid-summer night amidst heavy rains, thunder and lightening, a group of Berliners were held up by MakeSense Gangsters Kate Michi Ettinger and Ismail Chaib to solve the challenge of women’s health social entrepreneur, Juliane Zielonka, founder of Die Artverwandten UG, a digital publishing company that offers easy understandable health care information and bridges the divide of information between women and their physicians. is the social enterprise’s first initiative, a website dedicated exclusively to the women’s health topic of uterine fibroids and its treatment options. The site provides quality, reliable information for women as they navigate this health condition. The enterprise is at a critical stage of development as it migrates from sponsorship to revenue generation.

The challenge: What innovative product/service will launch from social project to social business?

Sensemakers generated more than a hundred ideas

and inspired animator Ismail Chaib to go Super ‘Red Card’ Gangster….
Red Card Gangster

From these ideas, sensemakers developed a prototype for specific customer segments. Check out the hot ideas to launch from social project to social business:

Explore a map of the favorite ideas:

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