About MakeSense’s webapp

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Hi there, I’m Peter. I’m the programmer guy, the typical geek, the apple fanboy, the whatever-you-want dude. Christian and Romain entrust me for the development of the platform. So if you want to blame someone for not using all the greatness Romain and Christian are planning for you, i’m your man :)

We had a pretty good planning with C&R, with checkpoints every two weeks, who just blew up when I had many many events to set up, and my trip back to Tahiti, my native island, to achieve. But I guess this way of doing was good, so we’ll stick back to it, and you should read me on this blog every fourteen days.

Because the MS (MakeSense, not Microsoft) platform will be yours, please, and I mean it, do not hesitate to ask for anything and even more. We won’t promise we are going to put everything you ask, but we sure will listen to you.

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