Welcome on the MakeSense Blog!
Turn your talents, skills and connections into unique superpowers to solve challenges of Social Entrepreneurs on our website You can Play along with 10 000 Sense-Makers accross the globe. This is our blog where we feature the different MakeSense events happening around the world and the behind the scenes. If you’re looking for our website featuring the challenges of Social Entrepreneurs it’s happening on, not here ( hint : this is our blog only ).

MakeSense-Challenging people for social business from BottleDream on Vimeo.

Why are we building MakeSense ?

We believe in the power of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business to change the world. As a result through our open project MakeSense, our objective is to accelerate the Social impact of Social Entrepreneurs and help sustain this impact in time by promoting the Social Business concept.

Who are we ?

We’re an open project started by Christian vanizette and Romain raguin during their trip in Asia in february 2010 to meet Social Entrepreneurs. Since this trip many supercool facebook friends have joined the project and are working with us. All together we are the MakeSense Gang. You can recognize us on facebook thanks to our blue head avatars. Have a look at the team page to know more :)